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Portfolio of Changes: What You Should Know

Ask an expert

I recently heard the term "portfolio of changes." Is that a concept or tangible asset you recommend companies create?

The portfolio of changes is a tangible project or dashboard. How an organization gets that insight can take multiple approaches. Organizations often have a process to view all ongoing projects. Sometimes this is by department, or it can be facilitated through a project management office (PMO). With a formal PMO, there is typically a project portfolio management process to include intake and understanding of resource needs for a project. The intake should include change-specific criteria so that dashboards of stakeholder impact, timing, and resource needs can be created and used for decision-making.

Avaap recently worked with a non-profit organization to stand up a change management office and developed a change portfolio view of all changes across the organization. In the absence of a PMO, this view provided senior leadership with greater appreciation of how much change was going on and the impact to different stakeholder groups.

Question for you - do you understand the impact of change across your organization? If not, reach out and one of our experts will be happy to chat with you about your current state of change.

Cheri Sagona

Cheri Sagona is an experienced change management architect with expertise leading cultural transformations and creating organizational development solutions. 

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