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Smart Things Change Leaders do to Make Change Efforts Successful

Successful change initiatives are not a matter of chance, but the result of strategic planning and strong communication. Strong leaders put change management at the forefront of digital transformation, modernization, and organizational culture efforts.

Want to be a smart change leader? Follow these five tips for successful change outcomes.

Start with a good organization design structure.

Effective leaders know that developing a strong backbone of an organization design strategy is critical to building the organization’s capacity for change. This also allows the team to achieve greater effectiveness in developing, improving, and reinforcing strategies, structures, and processes for the future of work

Know how to write and tell a good change story.

Being able to properly communicate the why of change is one of the most important actions a change leader needs to be able to do well to lead others through change and gain support for the initiative. This includes knowing how, when, and how often communication is necessary to resonate with the team.

Bring people together to plan and execute change.

Successful leaders work across boundaries and business units, encourage employees to break out of their silos, and refuse to tolerate unhealthy competition. They also include employees and stakeholders in decision-making early in the process.

Commit yourself to the change.

How can you expect your employees to embrace change that leadership doesn’t seem to believe in? Strong leaders advocate for change by devoting their own time to support the change effort and help create and communicate the big picture of what the change will accomplish.

Don’t assume you have all the answers.

Great leaders of change know they don’t have all the answers right away. They ask a lot of questions and gather formal and informal feedback throughout the project. But they don’t stop there. They use the feedback to make appropriate adjustments. They know it is important to be transparent and open to many different perspectives.

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