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Is Snowflake Right for You?

Snowflake, a modern data management platform, allows you to securely share and manage data. Snowflake works as a data warehouse or data lake platform or as an integrated component in your larger, existing platform. Snowflake is often used as a data source for modern analytics tools. Scalability, affordability, seamless implementation and ease of maintenance are just a few ways Snowflake shines above its competition and legacy data management platforms.  

Here’s how to know if Snowflake is right for you: 

Maintaining your legacy data warehouse platform is expensive and resource intensive. They’re not easily scalable, which often leaves you with poor performance and time-wasting, costly upgrades. 

 The best place to start is with an in-depth assessment of how data is being captured, processed, stored, and consumed within your organization.  From that assessment you can create a roadmap to modernizing and maximizing your investments in the people, processes, and technology that manage and consume your data. As Snowflake is on the leading edge in their space with significant cost, ease of administration, and scalability advantages, its often  a strong fit for any modern solution set. 

You want to make more informed business decisions and provide stakeholders specific reporting and analytics but may not know exactly how to get there or what it takes to make sure those investments are successful in the long-run.  

Leveraging a cloud data platform like Snowflake, along with other industry leading tools like Alteryx and Tableauyour organization can build an end-to-end modern analytics solution with the latest technology and featuresWe routinely build these solutions in a multitude of industries with varying tool-sets and our consultants are skilled in identifying the best configuration for your needs. 

When data and analytics initiatives fail, it is often because too much emphasis is placed on the technology or development efforts and not enough investment is made in how those tools are integrated with your people and culture.  

With a world-class change management team, Avaap can improve the likelihood of a successful data and analytics implementation through our organizational change management expertise. We focus not only on the development and implementation of data and analytics solutions, but also on the adoption, training, and change management that we know is critical for long-term success.  

Craig Dougherty ia senior consultant AvaapAs a Snowflake partner, Avaap has access to the latest product roadmaps and in-depth training. Our data and analytics experts are fully enabled with skills and expertise to provide advisory, analytics, customer solution development, and other services, including maintenance and operational support.