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Implementing new ERP? Important considerations to keep in mind

Change is a simple process that replaces the old with something new. As simple as change is to define, it is extremely difficult to execute. This is because change occurs within the construct of an established ecosystem that is rooted in how the brain questions and challenges new ideas.

Humanity’s evolutionary success has been based on balancing the need for change with prosperity of stability. Yet people are reluctant to leave what they know behind, and with good reason. Our ancestors’ survival was based on the ability to procure food and shelter. Long term endurance often meant developing survival skills, changing habitats, and living off the land.

Introducing a new way to hunt required learning and mastering how to use a new weapon or tool, which typically resulted in lower productivity during the learning process and the risk of reduced food intake for the family as the hunter mastered the new tool. Reduced food intake had a potential and direct impact on survival. 

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