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Change Management

Create Project Magic in your Organization with this Important Partnership

Hey project managers, this one’s for you!

Your project is two weeks from go-live. Everything is in the green – on time, on budget, and on scope, yet there are more and more rumblings that the organization isn’t ready. People don’t understand why and what is happening. Only five percent attended the training. The sponsors are getting pushback from other executives. There is talk of putting the go-live on hold. What now?

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Building the Business Case for Organizational Change Management

Business leaders are constantly looking for ways to improve their organizations and streamline processes to meet current and future business needs. Most companies are transforming or need to transform to remain competitive, be more efficient, and position themselves for growth. With change comes disruption, but even when it is positive, change can be difficult to manage. With proper organizational change management, disruptions can be minimized, and successful transformation can be achieved.

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