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Here’s What You Missed at OHECC 2022

The Avaap Higher Education team was thrilled to be back at the Ohio Higher Education Computing Council (OHECC) Annual Conference this year! After a two-year hiatus due to Covid-19, it was great to see Ohio higher education leaders in person again. This year’s conference focused on transforming for the future, with the use of technology on campus and the impact it has on student success dominating discussions.

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When Every Day Matters: Moving the Curve with Data

Key among concerns with Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 is its rate of contagion and deadly effects on those susceptible. Recognizing that every day matters in flattening the curve, the Ohio Department of Health is increasing transparency to citizens, and using data to show if social distancing, raised awareness for proper hand-washing, travel restrictions, and other measures are buying more time for the state health systems as they prepare for potential waves and surges of the disease.

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Navigating OCM in the Public Sector

Navigating change management in any sector presents challenges such as maintaining employee engagement or training and communication. Regardless of sector, the overarching goals of change management are to increase the likelihood of project success and minimize risk and disruption. Implementing change management in the public sector does, however, come with some unique challenges.

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Three Things Future Leaders Should Know

Our VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) environment got a little more VUCA recently with the Coronavirus pandemic. Those of us not on the front lines in hospitals, grocery stores, and other essentials businesses are most likely working from home and doing our part to flatten the curve.

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Leveraging Tableau for Your Change Network: Part 2


Tableau is an interactive data visualization software. Its drag and drop functionality empowers users from all technical skill levels access to the ability to drive actionable insights traditionally buried within stale reports. Generating visual cues, Tableau quickly identifies critical narratives spread across averages to outliers. Tableau capabilities include drill-through features which allow users to easily shift granularity levels, hover over tool tips which detail notes that provide guidance around the information users are consuming, and forecasting compatibility built within the tool and the access to pull in other advanced programs such as R and Python code.

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