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Change Management Lessons I Learned Doing the 75 Hard

Have you ever looked at that thing directly in front of you and just exhaled the word “Ugh” with a big sigh? I know I have, and I am pretty sure we all have at some point.

In December, I approached a friend about doing the 75 Hard challenge with me. I wanted to do a personal reset and knew that I needed an accountability partner if I was going to have even the slightest chance of being successful. She agreed and on January 2, we started our 75 Hard journeys.

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A Look Inside the Inaugural Workday TIPs Session for Prospective Workday Customers

Whether your higher education institution is considering moving to Workday, mid-implementation, or a long-time Workday customer looking to get the most ROI, you want to know everything you can about the system. What functionality is available or coming soon? Can it meet all of our organization’s needs? How have institutions like ours leveraged Workday and what best practices can they share? TIPs can give you these answers and more! 

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Workday Benefits and Pay Worklets are Retiring: Now What?

As organizations running Workday prepare for the upcoming Workday Release on March 9, now is the time to begin preparing for the changes to come. Functionality your team may be accustomed to using may change or be removed. One function that we know clients will miss is Workday’s Benefits and Pay worklets. Learn what your team can do now to prepare for deprecation to prevent gaps in your organization’s operations.

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Harnessing Multifaceted Expertise for Workday Deployment Success

It’s no wonder ERP growth is exploding. Nearly every business in every industry is using ERP and more than half are shifting to the cloud. Enterprise Resource Planning systems have become indispensable for organizations seeking to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and drive growth. However, implementing ERP solutions can be complex and challenging, especially when considering the unique needs and nuances of different industries.

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Experience From Both Sides of the Desk: Bringing a balanced perspective to a Workday Student Implementation

We’ve walked a mile in your shoes, is what many consultants say, when they make the transition from working for a higher education institution to Workday consultant. After 11 years in higher education, I made the leap to become certified as a Workday Student consultant. While many of the same character traits and skills are needed in both roles to be effective, the role of internal project leader and the role of the consultant are not the same in a project.

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