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    A Look Inside the Inaugural Workday TIPs Session for Prospective Workday Customers

    Whether your higher education institution is considering moving to Workday, mid-implementation, or a long-time Workday customer looking to get the most ROI, you want to know everything you can about the system. What functionality is available or coming soon? Can it meet all of our organization’s needs? How have institutions like ours leveraged Workday and what best practices can they share? TIPs can give you these answers and more! 

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    View from Campus: Easing the Complexities of The FAFSA Simplification Act

    Congress passed the FAFSA® Simplification Act in December 2020 to streamline the FAFSA application process for students and families seeking financial aid. For colleges and universities, the FAFSA Simplification Act aims to simplify the financial aid application process and reduce the administrative burden on staff. However, the changes in how aid gets determined presents several challenges from a systems perspective.

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