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A Look Inside the Inaugural Workday TIPs Session for Prospective Workday Customers

Whether your higher education institution is considering moving to Workday, mid-implementation, or a long-time Workday customer looking to get the most ROI, you want to know everything you can about the system. What functionality is available or coming soon? Can it meet all of our organization’s needs? How have institutions like ours leveraged Workday and what best practices can they share? TIPs can give you these answers and more! 

What is Workday TIPs? image

TIPs stands for Transformation Insight Partners – Avaap’s higher education community for sharing ERP transformation knowledge and insights. The objective of these sessions is to provide a gathering space for institutions to ask their ERP-related questions, learn from each other, and gain insights from our higher education experts​. 

Who should attend?  

Avaap’s TIPs sessions are focused on the higher education community interested in all things Workday. Whether you are evaluating if Workday is right for your institution, implementing a new Workday product, or have been a Workday customer for years, you will be able to participate in active discussions with your peers on topics that are relevant to your unique situation.  

What makes TIPs unique? 

Institutions can be in any phase of their digital transformation journey to join a TIPs session and all topics will stem directly from feedback of TIPs participants.​ These sessions are not sales presentations, but instead offer a place to connect with your peers and have discussions around digital transformation challenges, trends, and innovations in the higher education community.  

What are some examples of topics we may discuss?  

  • Student Employment  
  • Student Journeys 
  • Implementation Governance 
  • Top Workday Extend Apps 
  • Student Communications (including Text Messaging) 
  • Project Pitfalls and Challenges 
  • Project Resourcing and Backfill 

These are just a few examples of topics that could be covered in a TIPs session. All attendees will have the opportunity to submit topics for future sessions.  

Miss our first session? Read on for the recap! 

Our inaugural session was focused on Workday Student features that our consultants love. The roundtable kicked off with a discussion around Workday Student functionality in general and how it supports campus engagement. Two features called out directly were the new Notification Designer and Workday Reporting functionality within Workday Student.  


Notification Designer 

Workday Student allows campus employees to send scheduled or ad hoc student messages for a number of functional areas, including recruiting and admissions, financial aid, student financials, and more. The newest functionality within this program is called Notification Designer. This allows you to fully customize your communications in a quick, professional, and effortless way. You can also create templates that can be utilized for repeat communications.  

Creating Custom Reports and Report Sharing Security 

Workday provides a series of delivered reports called "Standard Reports." These reports are designed to help institutions gather required information and complete tasks and processes.  Schools are also able to create custom reports to meet institutional requirements and needs. The Workday reporting functionality in Workday Student allows you to create new reports from scratch, from a specific data source, or even by enhancing or altering a standard report. When a custom report is created, the report writer owns it and can share the report with others who have security to the report data source and filter.  

During the session our experts shared real-world examples along with visuals from Workday Student that sparked a lot of discussion around how institutions could use these tools to streamline their current processes. 

Interested in joining a future Workday TIPs session? Get on the list to be notified of our next topic!