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Six Workday Student Features our Consultants Love

On March 11th, Workday release 2023R1 was delivered to tenants. The new release includes over 300 new or enhanced features. To prepare for the release cycle, we asked our consultants to share their favorite Workday features and functionality that are most impactful to users. Last week we covered the core application and this time around, we asked our consultants about Workday Student. Take note of these time-saving features and put them on your radar for 2023! 

Feature: Duplicate Management for Prospective and Matriculated Student Events  

Why we love it: Workday continues to improve UDMF (unified duplicate management framework) functionality by responding positively to customer feedback. The newest release allows a higher rate of duplicate persona merging with in-progress business events, reducing the amount of manual intervention needed. In addition, Workday also delivers the ability to configure better match criteria and document match exclusions based upon personas to better manage the merging process. As UDMF improves with each release, it will continue to help break down silos between HCM (Human Capital Management) and Student and will be especially impactful for institutions with a large population of students who are also employees. 

Feature: New Related Actions on Student  

Why we love it: The ability to use related actions from inside the student profile allows users to stay within the student record when completing tasks or actions. This makes the entire process of student administration more efficient by reducing the number of clicks required to complete these actions. 

Feature: Record Student Private Scholarship Payment Task  

Why we love it: This feature allows posting of scholarship payments to a student's account from the bursar's office and automatically includes the scholarship payment in the total financial assistance for the student's financial aid. This streamlines the process and eliminates the need for the bursar's office to provide lists of scholarship payments received to the financial aid office - a huge time saver!  

Feature: Real-Time Accounting for Student Fees  

Why we love it: As soon as the charge is assessed on the student account, it can be seen in the ledger in real time rather than having to wait for an overnight batch run. Immediate visibility increases efficiency and can allow for fast action when minutes matter.  

Feature: Worktags on Student Fees  

Why we love it: The ability to see revenue by course, course section, and program of study is a game-changer for schools that want to look at their financial results at a granular level. With other systems the school’s finance department would have to make estimates, but with Workday real-time, accurate data is possible. 

Feature: Profile Student Financials Communication Policy 

Why we love it: Allowing schools to prioritize communications is an excellent feature enhancement that allows institutions to set an order on messages and route them in ways that make the most sense. 

For more feature updates and release support, visit our Workday Support Center or get in touch with one of our experienced Workday AMS team members to discuss your post-production strategy. Our expert Workday application management services (AMS) team can help you learn more about Workday, streamline your release cycle, and get the most out of your Workday Student investment. 

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