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Five Workday Features our Consultants Love

To prepare for the upcoming Workday release, let’s look back at Workday features and functionality that were most impactful to users. If you are not using all of these, you should be! 

Feature: Workday OCR Recognition for Supplier Invoice Automation 

Why we love it: For Workday customers looking to save time and resources on the manual review and input process of invoices, the Workday OCR Recognition feature for invoice automation helps users easily upload supplier invoices with data fields already prepopulated. Boom! 

*Requires Innovation Services Agreement 

Feature: Help Text on Employee Reviews 

Why we love it: The new Help Text functionality on Employee Reviews allows for differentiation between the help text that managers see, and the help text that employees see. This is beneficial to the HR team and users alike.  

Feature: Studio Starter Kit Initiative 

Why we love it: Studio Starter Kit has changed the game from an integration development perspective. The Studio Starter Kit provides standardization, quality control, and simplification to the studio development process for integration consultants. 

Requires: Customer Central access 

Feature: Talent Marketplace 

Why we love it: Talent Marketplace can enable “gigs” to fill gaps in the organization. Whether for flexible projects, special needs such as statistical support, special events or conference support, charity or initiative-based administrative planning – the opportunities are endless. Talent Marketplace also eliminates the need for formal job structure changes or pay adjustments while filling organization gaps. Stretch assignments or side gigs give employees the opportunity to expand skills they do not use often, get adventure outside of their normal job description, try out new skills or level up current ones, as well as meet other individuals that they might not interact with in their current role. Employers benefit from engaged employees with the right skills filling the right roles at the right time. 

*Requires: Innovation Services Agreement, Talent Optimization/Add-on SKU, Skills Cloud 

Feature: Add Documents to Offers and Employment Agreements 

Why we love it: This feature is great for Workday users that send out employee benefits details, codes of conduct, or information like expectations of what will happen from the time of offer to hire. It allows users to attach documents when sending offers or employment agreements to potential new hires. You can manage permissions to determine who can view or edit attachments by category and access attached documents from the candidate or worker profile. This is a huge benefit to the user post-go-live, relieving them of having to update documents in the system that are given to applicants and are primarily read-only.  

For more feature updates and release support, visit our Workday Support Center or get in touch with one of our experienced Workday AMS team members to discuss your post-production strategy. Connect with our Workday application management services (AMS) team to learn more, streamline your release cycle, and extend the value of your Workday investment.