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Harnessing Multifaceted Expertise for Workday Deployment Success

It’s no wonder ERP growth is exploding. Nearly every business in every industry is using ERP and more than half are shifting to the cloud. Enterprise Resource Planning systems have become indispensable for organizations seeking to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and drive growth. However, implementing ERP solutions can be complex and challenging, especially when considering the unique needs and nuances of different industries.

Workday now serves the financial management, human resources, and student information needs of more than 10,000 customers globally. While industry-specific consulting services bring tremendous value to a Workday deployment, there is another perspective to consider: Engaging a consulting partner with experience across multiple industries brings a wealth of cross-industry experience, knowledge, and insights to mitigate risk and fuel your organization’s project success.

Let’s get specific

Industry-specific consulting services for Workday deployments provide organizations with consultants who possess in-depth knowledge of the specific challenges, regulations, and best practices that are prevalent in their respective industries. For higher education institutions, this means consultants understand the intricacies of the academic calendar, financial aid, student information management, and compliance with academic regulations. In the public sector, consultants are well-versed in government reporting, regulation compliance, and procurement processes. In retail, it’s the importance of inventory management and customer relationship management that matter, while in the nonprofit sector, knowing the nuances of mission-focused endeavors, donor management, and fundraising are what’s important.

When consultants speak the language of your industry, they can build strong relationships and personalized solutions, understanding what matters most to the people you serve. Whether it is creating a better student experience, driving collaboration across government agencies, or empowering retail workers to control their own schedule, working with consultants that know the industry ins and outs can accelerate time to transformation.

Experience across industry sectors

In addition to consultants with specific industry expertise, our diversified customer base brings the unique advantage of diversity of experiences and best practices gleaned from engagements across various sectors. Consultants who have worked in more than one industry have witnessed a spectrum of challenges and devised innovative solutions that transcend industry boundaries. Their ability to be versatile and adaptable are invaluable assets for organizations seeking to make a change and maximize the potential of their Workday investment.

The benefit of consultants with a deep well of experience from various sectors is that they can facilitate the cross-pollination of ideas and strategies. For instance, a healthcare organization that moved its supply chain management to the cloud and automated data flows through Workday to improve back-office operations may inspire an innovative approach to supply chain management in a retail organization. This exchange of insights can spark creativity and foster out-of-the-box thinking.

As an advisory and Workday services partner, our consultants have supported organizations in all industries to select software, prepare their organization, deploy the technology, implement new solutions, and train and prepare the workforce for new ways of working. Cross-industry expertise enables our customer organizations to harness the best practices, insights, and efficiencies from various fields and accelerate their own success.

Navigating Regulatory and Compliance Complexities

Following the rules and regulations set forth by governments and industry groups, and the number of requirements, and the frequency of which rules and regulations change, is complex. Yet every organization needs to manage employee data, payroll, and financial transactions, all of which are subject to various regulations. As a consulting partner well-versed in regulatory nuances across industries, we can help navigate these complexities efficiently. Diverse experience ensures that compliance solutions are not confined to one sector, resulting in comprehensive, adaptable strategies.

Maximizing Efficiency and Cost Savings

Common across all industries is the desire and expectation that modernizing ERP will maximize efficiency and reduce costs. Retail organizations are renowned for their focus on operational efficiency. Consultants with experience in this sector can introduce optimization techniques that are equally beneficial to higher education, public sector, and nonprofit organizations. By leveraging cross-industry expertise, organizations can unlock cost-saving opportunities and streamline their operations effectively.

The value of industry-specific, as well as cross-industry, ERP implementation experience cannot be underestimated. Consultants who have worked in industry and on Workday deployments bring experience from multiple engagements, enabling organizations to tap into a wealth of knowledge, insights, and creative problem-solving.

Avaap is Workday certified for healthcare, higher education, public sector, nonprofit, and diversified industries that include retail, energy and utilities, consumer products, and more. With a broad portfolio of services that span the full Workday life cycle, from system selection and initial deployment to ongoing adoption of new products and features, Avaap can help you achieve greater results whether you want to accelerate time to market, deploy new capabilities, or integrate third-party solutions.