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Making the Business Case for Cloud ERP

The COVID-19 pandemic caused many organizations to shift to remote work and accelerate digital innovation. For some organizations, the transition was easy, but for others, it was a call to move business processes to the cloud. If the sudden shift to remote work isn’t enough motivation to consider the cloud, there are other reasons supporting the business case for cloud ERP.

Systems cost reduction. Organizations shifting to the cloud realize savings through lower hardware-associated costs. Cloud ERP can provide stable costs over time, lower maintenance, and can free up staff to focus on differentiators for competitive advantage.

Improved business transparency. Legacy systems often rely data that is inaccessible and unclear, making critical business decisions a challenge. A cloud ERP can serve as a single source of truth, providing clarity and consolidating real time information to make decisions.

Improved system support and agility. With cloud systems, upgrades happen automatically, and can easily scale to meet growing needs. This means the business always has access to the latest innovations in product, strategy and employee experience. Cloud ERP also allows for better reliability and flexibility, keeping processes moving.

Reduced risk. Cloud ERP can mitigate risk with an always-on compliance audit trail. Cloud ERP saves changes instantly, and keeps a record when changes are made.

Increased flexibility. Cloud ERP allows business processes to be managed from anywhere. Employees can access information whether they are working from home or in the office and be connected to data and information needed to be effective while working remotely.

Streamline existing processes. A cloud ERP can streamline processes and help employees become more efficient. By streamlining manual processes and combining data into a single source of truth, decisions makers can focus employees on key tasks and keep business moving.

Digital transformation is at the forefront of change for organizations spanning many industries. Those behind in transformation efforts need to accelerate plans to remain relevant, find new ways of doing business, and thrive in the post-COVID world.