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How Memphis-Shelby County Airport Authority Streamlined Processes Using Workday

For many organizations, a cloud ERP system keeps things on track and streamlines existing processes. Memphis-Shelby County Airport Authority is no exception. The airport authority includes Memphis International Airport, which is the largest cargo airport in North America and second largest cargo airport in the world.

Memphis-Shelby County Airport Authority realized that many of its existing systems were manual and lacked a single source of truth. By selecting cloud ERP, Memphis-Shelby was able to automate processes, the user experience became seamless and flexible, and allowed for greater visibility across the business.

COVID-19 effects. The effects of COVID-19 are felt heavily across all airports, and Memphis-Shelby County Airport Authority is no exception. Thanks to deployment of their cloud ERP, however, the impact was made easier. Airports are not traditionally remote work environments, but cloud ERP made it easy for employees to be productive, no matter where they are working. Increased flexibility means that things are moving smoothly, even as employees are not physically in the airport.

Small teams, big impact. While the airport authority is large, the staff is relatively small. Payroll, HR and other processes are completed by small teams, and COVID-19 has posed a serious threat to the continuity of those processes. With the deployment of cloud ERP, staff could more easily manage their data in a single application and make more-informed decisions as a result.

Launching the cloud-based HR and payroll processes with cloud ERP eliminated more than half a dozen existing applications, and improved efficiency across the organization. To learn more on the deployment of cloud ERP, and challenges Memphis-Shelby Airport Authority faced while deploying their ERP during a pandemic, check out this on-demand webinar hosted by