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Supply Chain

Modernizing Supply Chain for Healthcare

The COVID-19 pandemic illuminated many areas in healthcare that need innovation, some of the most glaring catalysts for change being supply chain disruptions, stock shortages, and rising procurement costs. According to industry analyst Gartner, the total supply chain cost to serve a health system averages 37.3 percent of the total cost of patient care. As health systems and medical centers look to lower supply chain costs and build a more resilient supply chain, there are key areas modern ERP is helping hospitals and health systems improve supply chain management (SCM).

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The Three Pillars of Healthcare ERP: Trends in HCM, Finance, and Supply Chain

Midway through 2021, and it is shaping up to be a large year for transformation in the healthcare industry. The industry has seen a large push for telehealth options and growing ways for patients to be in charge of their data on the front-end, but what technology innovations are healthcare leaders focusing on in human resources, financial management, and supply chain?

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Clinical Integration and Supply Chain Excellence: What it Can Do for Your Hospital

If there is one positive from the pandemic, it’s that it has exposed opportunities for improvement in supply chain management. Healthcare leaders have faced a variety of challenges over the last several months from standing up virtual care programs to maintaining proper levels of PPE, ventilators, and medications. While patient safety remains a priority and is evidenced through limited visitors, enforcement of precautions, and more options for virtual care, supply chain optimization is advancing on the c-suite agenda and for good reason: Effective supply chain performance directly links to patient outcomes and clinical safety.

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Time for a Supply Chain Refresh? These Tips Can Help

Hospitals and healthcare organizations face the increasing challenge of managing escalating costs while striving to deliver exceptional patient experiences. Looking to the supply chain and using data can help organizations identify waste and opportunities to trim costs. Connecting supply chain data with labor and other expenses provides more accurate insight into what it costs to treat a patient, linking care to quality. It also ensures that the hospital is equipped with the right materials, where and when they’re needed, especially important in the wake of the global pandemic.

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Take a Fresh Look at Your Supply Chain

There’s a dual challenge inside most hospital organizations: How does management reduce costs and also deliver better patient experiences? Looking to the supply chain can help organizations use data to identify waste and opportunity to trim costs; connecting supply chain data with labor and other costs provides more accurate insight into what it actually costs to treat a patient, linking care to quality.

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