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Greg Benton

Time to Shift the Focus to the Patient

Consumers are always looking for the most bang for their buck, and with rising medical costs, this concept is no different in healthcare. While patient satisfaction is complex and can be influenced by a number of things, it is known that it’s highly influenced by what the patient experiences. With increasing use of social media, patients can spread news quickly when they have a memorable experience, good or bad, at a given facility. Centering the focus of your supply chain on the patient will allow them to receive the best quality service possible and increase the number of positive experiences.

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Selection Secrets Your ERP Vendor Won't Tell You

The right ERP system can improve business processes, lower costs, and give you a centralized location for accurate, real time data. Whether you are looking to update a legacy system or invest in your company’s first ERP solution, it is important to know what your ERP vendor brings to the table.

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