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Digital Transformation Success: Lessons Learned from Deployment

As many organizations are shifting to the cloud, the selection, pre-implementation and deployment processes are critical to making digital transformation successful. A recent survey of 1,675 CTOs and enterprise architects found that more than half of surveyed organizations plan to transition existing ERP systems to the cloud. Results also found that many projects fail to meet expectations due to lack of buy-in from end users. How can you combat this and modernize your organization to see success in a digital transformation project?

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Getting to Go-Live with Workday: Your Life in Production

Picture this: your institution has selected Workday for its digital transformation, and your team has spent months readying for the deployment. This is an exciting time for many higher education institutions, but it can be nerve-wracking to transition to go-live. For many institutions, few projects impact every campus and organizational unit more than a digital transformation project. The road to go-live is well worth it, and benefits are realized as your institution moves to production. Here’s what you can expect as your institution crosses into modernization with Workday.

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Reimagining the Student Experience

Education is changing radically. The COVID-19 pandemic caused a significant shift in the way students, faculty, and staff interacted, and exacerbated trends that were already gaining momentum. With the transition to remote work and distance learning, and rising expectations for streamlined processes, institutions have had to find new ways to engage students, and reach them where they are, in the moments that matter most.

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The Value of Partnership in Digital Transformation

For organizations that haven’t made the leap to the cloud, digital transformation is likely at the top of the business to-do list. More than two-thirds of CEOs from the world’s largest companies say they plan to undertake a major transformation initiative over the next 12 months. However, deploying a new ERP system can be a challenge without the right partners, inside and outside of the business.

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You're Live on Workday...Now What?

Achieving a Workday go-live is a huge success for your organization. Workday enables you to introduce operational efficiencies and streamline manual processes, gaining insights into the core of your organization. After go-live, when your deployment partner is no longer around, your organization may still need support for your enterprise management cloud investment.

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COVID-19 and the Effect on Higher Education

Faced with COVID-19, higher education institutions have had to do things differently. With virtual learning, staff working remotely, and many colleges and universities using outdated systems, all eyes are on digital transformation. Institutions that have made the switch to modern, cloud-based systems have provided an easier transition in a COVID-19 world, by connecting students, faculty, and staff while they are no longer on campus.

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