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When is the Right Time to Consider Application Management Services?

When is the right time to consider Application Management Services (AMS)? The answer is different based on your organization’s goals, and where you are on your transformation journey. There are numerous benefits to extended services, especially if using a system like Workday. Here are some trends we see that drive customers to engage with a management services provider.

Before the Workday Deployment

Planning is crucial to deployment success and choosing your AMS partner early in the process can guide your Workday transformation. Your AMS partner can help strategize optimizations for your Workday solution, and plan for future functionality.

Prior to a Workday Release

Workday releases twice yearly major updates. All Workday customers receive the same update at the same time and being prepared is critical. Many organizations engage the AMS partner early to successfully navigate the release cycle and prepare for new features being released. With an expert partner, your organization can focus on optimization and strategy, instead of technical support.

When Adding New Functionality

Many organizations consider AMS when adding new functionality to Workday. New features are great but can be intimidating and time-consuming to deploy. With dedicated AMS support, your team can focus on core tasks to keep your business running smoothly. AMS can work on adding the functionality to your existing tenant with testing, training, and deployment to optimize your Workday solution.

Making changes in Workday is also a great time to work with an AMS partner. Whether you are rolling out new functions to your organization, building new reports, or making a process change, an AMS partner can help make the transition seamless. Changes designed to enhance the employee experience can increase the value of your Workday investment.

For Ongoing Support

To drive the greatest value from the Workday investment, many organizations opt for ongoing support. AMS can extend your internal team, provide access to specialized skills, and offer flexibility for ongoing support for your organization.

Throughout the Workday journey, there is always a right time to leverage Application Management Services, so your organization can focus on its mission and have access to the technical, functional, and training consultants who can keep your Workday system up and running and unlock its full potential.