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The Seven People You’ll Meet at Workday Rising

We are so excited Workday Rising is back in person and ready for a few action-packed days of learning, networking, and experiencing all-things Workday. Avaap has been a show sponsor or attendee since becoming a Workday partner in 2016, and while we know there will be a lot that has changed, we are confident some things will remain the same: the types of people attending Workday Rising.

Sure, the thousands of attendees representing various industries and business functions have unique qualities, business goals, and other requirements, but there are some staple archetypes you can expect to find when Workday Rising is in full swing. So, who are the people you’ll meet in San Francisco at Workday Rising?


The Networker at Workday Rising
The Networker

We love when The Networker stops by the Avaap booth! The Networker is all about meeting Workday leadership, Avaap consultants, and other session attendees including HR, finance, payroll, student, and supply chain professionals from other organizations and industries. Networking aficionados are in luck – from cocktail receptions to coffee carts, there are lots of opportunities to connect at the conference.


The Education Junkie at Workday Rising
The Education Junkie 

Whether you want to learn more about Prism analytics, achieve certification credits, or hear how Workday technology is helping to drive business transformation, the schedule is packed with 300+ sessions, there is opportunity to get an early view of new products, and what is coming down the line. There is also nothing like meeting other customers in the Workday community and hearing about their journey for inspiration on how to be innovative with Workday.



The Party Hopper 

Rising days are packed with business meetings and sessions designed to optimize the Workday investment, but when the lights go down, there’s no shortage of things to do and that’s the party hopper’s paradise. The party hopper RSVP’s yes to all the events and makes a point of stopping by for glass-clinking, handshaking, and an hors d’oeuvre or two whether at Lucky Strike or Fisherman's Wharf.

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The Collector at Workday RisingThe Collector 

You can’t have too many pens or pins, says The Collector who leaves the conference with every stress ball, phone wallet, Chapstick, and other promotional item the vendors are giving away. For Collectors in attendance, you’ll want to stop by the Avaap booth and start with some branded shades to block the brilliant SF sun. We have great swag, opportunities to win prizes, and plenty of items for you to take back to your kids or colleagues who weren’t lucky enough to attend in person.


The Job Seeker at Workday Rising

The Job Seeker 

Workday customers are fanatic about the software which is why so many build their career with vendor or partner firms, understanding the challenges and with knowledge to help other organizations going through the day-to-day. We know The Job Seeker is supposed to be focused on learning about the latest innovations, but we won’t tell if The Job Seeker stops by to talk about their Workday experience, career path, and future goals. If a more incognito approach is your style, all our Workday opportunities are visible on our career page.


The Thought Leader at Workday Rising

The Thought Leader 

Want to learn how organizations are rethinking traditional approaches? Strategies to improve your deployment project? What’s on the horizon for a certain product or solution? There are no shortage of strategic thought leaders offering insights and looking to build influence. The Thought Leader recognizes Workday Rising as an opportunity to share knowledge, invest in themselves as a leader, and maximize every opportunity to leave with actionable take-aways.


The Competitor at Workday Rising
The Competitor

Customers love Workday Rising, but the partner community does, too. Workday Rising is a great opportunity for companies’ larger teams to hear what’s happening in the industry and on the Workday road map and get broader exposure to innovation in the marketplace. The Competitor loves to pick up literature, listen to conversations between attendees and booth staffers, and gather information that can be used to identify opportunities, risks, and changing industry conditions. With plenty of business to go around, we focus on our relentless commitment to the highest standards of service delivery, customer centricity, and outstanding experiences, and the opportunity to interact with our industry peers.

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Avaap is a gold sponsor of Workday Rising and can’t wait for our time in San Francisco. Visit the Avaap booth and let’s talk about how we can enhance your experience with Workday technology.