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    Annaleah Morrow

    Change Management for Project Success: Students as Stakeholders

    At the height of the pandemic, schools sent students home, forcing a sudden shift to remote learning and other interventions to keep students, faculty, and staff safe. In addition to creating a different college experience than prior generations, the pandemic highlighted greater need for colleges to demonstrate the true value of higher education from the student perspective.

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    Getting to Go-Live with Workday: Your Life in Production

    Picture this: your institution has selected Workday for its digital transformation, and your team has spent months readying for the deployment. This is an exciting time for many higher education institutions, but it can be nerve-wracking to transition to go-live. For many institutions, few projects impact every campus and organizational unit more than a digital transformation project. The road to go-live is well worth it, and benefits are realized as your institution moves to production. Here’s what you can expect as your institution crosses into modernization with Workday.

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    Reimagining the Student Experience

    Education is changing radically. The COVID-19 pandemic caused a significant shift in the way students, faculty, and staff interacted, and exacerbated trends that were already gaining momentum. With the transition to remote work and distance learning, and rising expectations for streamlined processes, institutions have had to find new ways to engage students, and reach them where they are, in the moments that matter most.

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    Finding Your Focus: Level-setting Priorities for ERP Implementation Success in Higher Ed

    Private and public higher education institutions have faced rapid, continuous change over the last 18 months. Many academic institutions put project plans on hold and are now facing increased urgency to move to the cloud. Institutions seeking to execute on digital transformation plans need to assess their data, business processes, appetite for change, and strategic goals to determine proper timing, activities, and communication for transformation projects, the largest of which is not the actual technology, but the change to how work gets done.

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