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Modernize Now: The Positive Impacts of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is top of mind for many higher education institutions. With pressures from boards, and an ever-changing student population, modernization is often a “make it or break it” point. With so many positive impacts of modernization, why hasn’t your institution started? If you need some help building the business case for why it’s important to modernize now, read on.

Oriented toward the future

Student expectation is that technology will serve their needs. Technology changes rapidly and meeting the needs of your most important stakeholders is critical to student enrollment and keeping them engaged. Cloud-based solutions enable students, faculty, and staff to stay connected on any device, whether they are on or off campus. Access to information from course registration to financial aid and ability to pay bills online is at students’ fingertips. With mobile-enabled technology, everyone can stay connected easily.

Real-time data for strong decisions

Many legacy solutions have siloed systems that make data difficult to extract. With slow and cobbled together systems, leaders are unable to make decisions using data in a timely manner. By modernizing your human capital management and financial solutions, your institution can get real-time information and make strong decisions based on current data.

Better employee experience

Cloud-enabled technologies also improve the employee experience. With self-service functionalities, employees can check payroll, submit time off, and more in a single place, and reduce paper forms that slow processes down. Fewer paper-based processes also streamlines work. This allows employees to focus on higher value activities that improve the student experience. 

For institutions like Joliet Junior College, Workday has transformed processes and streamlined functions to create more efficient processes and better student experiences. Modernization is key to keeping institutions moving forward to maintain their educational experiences well into the future.