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Project Management

PM-ing Your Life: Anticipating Risk and Planning Ahead

The first post of this three-part blog series explained how a project plan and a contingency plan are keys to success. Whether you are planning for large-scale transformation or hosting a dinner party, having a plan and a back-up plan can reduce stress and help things to run smoothly. Today, we will cover tips and tricks for anticipating risk and planning ahead to mitigate risk in any project or your day-to-day life.

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PM-ing Your Life: Project and Contingency Planning

Project management is more than a methodology; it’s a mindset and we use it more than we think. It can often feel that once your day job ends, managing playdates, parent-teacher conferences, your social calendar, and getting dinner on the table is a second job that doesn’t seem to pay as well or have a growth track. As project managers, it is easy to see the parallels between managing projects at work and managing life at home. Every project manager knows that a project timeline has a beginning and end, and within those points come planning, scoping, identifying risk, negotiating and diffusing conflicts, and creating a contingency plan.

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Create Project Magic in your Organization with this Important Partnership

Hey project managers, this one’s for you!

Your project is two weeks from go-live. Everything is in the green – on time, on budget, and on scope, yet there are more and more rumblings that the organization isn’t ready. People don’t understand why and what is happening. Only five percent attended the training. The sponsors are getting pushback from other executives. There is talk of putting the go-live on hold. What now?

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Leading Projects Remotely at The Ohio State University

In early March, Ohio State’s Associate Vice President of Enterprise Applications Mike Anderson knew there would be ripples across the ERP implementation project his team was working on due to COVID-19With a summer 2020 Workday go-live on the horizonwhile ramping up change management activities and starting user testing, the entire university went remote.  

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Five requirements management considerations for ERP implementation

So, you’re ready to implement a new ERP or upgrade your existing solution. But have you planned for how you’ll manage solution requirements to ensure a successful project? Without a strategic approach to requirements management, most organizations will struggle with meeting the needs of its stakeholders; resulting in organizational disruption, delays, and potentially project failure.

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