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    Amy Ferro

    Lurking Legacy ERP: Banish the Ghost of ERPs Past

    While the threat of ERP implementation failure sounds scary (and practically expected), a recent Mint Jutras study found that 67 percent of manufacturers and distributors rated their implementations as successful or very successful. With proper planning and buy-in, a successful ERP implementation can save your organization money and improve back-end processes. Here are the morbid missteps to avoid and keep your ERP project out of the implementation graveyard.

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    A Push for Physician Personalization from the Patient’s Chair

    Healthcare IT is such a foreign language to people who don’t think about the intersection of health and technology every day. Before I entered the field, similar to other healthcare newcomers, I thought nothing of the nurses’ or doctors’ notes, aside from whether the blood pressure number they told me was normal. We are not too far removed from the days of paper everything, but I now find it interesting to see the magic behind the technology curtain.

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