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    'Tis the Season and the Gift of Change

    ’Tis the season!  

    For many of us, the holidays means making a list and checking it twice. As I sat down to create my gift list — the ones I want to give and the ones I’d love to receive— it made me think about the work I do and why I believe deeply in the power of change and the many gifts change can bring to an individual or organization.

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    Help Me, Help You: Preparing for Large-Scale Technology Transitions: Part 3

    Our last post discussed examining your organization’s culture and developing a strong internal communication strategy. Today’s post will explore the three remaining key focus areas and recommendations: documenting your current business processes, aligning your existing policies and SOP’s with the new business processes (ideally before go-live), and identifying (or creating) the unit within your organization that will manage your new ERP.

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    Help Me, Help You: Preparing for Large-Scale Technology Transitions: Part 2

    Last week’s post focused on the importance of assessing your organization’s health before a large-scale technology implementation and addressing potential issues before they impact project outcomes. This week’s post explores the areas of organization culture and internal communications, the issues organizations frequently encounter during change, and recommendations on how to address them.

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    Create Project Magic in your Organization with this Important Partnership

    Hey project managers, this one’s for you!

    Your project is two weeks from go-live. Everything is in the green – on time, on budget, and on scope, yet there are more and more rumblings that the organization isn’t ready. People don’t understand why and what is happening. Only five percent attended the training. The sponsors are getting pushback from other executives. There is talk of putting the go-live on hold. What now?

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