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    Carrie King

    Understanding Your Change Maturity

    Change has always been hard. But now, change has become a constant. Market disruptions, shifting consumer preferences, and technological advancements are pushing companies to evolve and adapt faster than ever before. This means the ability to lead your employees through change is paramount to success.

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    Enterprise Change Management on a Tight Budget

    Don’t get left behind because of budget constraints and miss the opportunity to make innovative changes that set your business apart. Learn why every business needs enterprise change management, even on a small budget, and the three must haves to help you get there.

    When shopping for a car, you rely on your budget to help you make the decision on what to purchase. For example, let’s say you are working with a tight budget. Do you go out and buy a Tesla or a Toyota?
    Many mid-size organizations face the same predicament when developing their enterprise change management capability. Just like the family that needs a reliable vehicle and wants to get the most for their money, small to mid-size companies need consistent enterprise change management to help them thrive and survive.

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