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When Every Day Matters: Moving the Curve with Data

Key among concerns with Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 is its rate of contagion and deadly effects on those susceptible. Recognizing that every day matters in flattening the curve, the Ohio Department of Health is increasing transparency to citizens, and using data to show if social distancing, raised awareness for proper hand-washing, travel restrictions, and other measures are buying more time for the state health systems as they prepare for potential waves and surges of the disease.

By now we’re familiar with tales of personal protective equipment (PPE) shortages, healthcare workers coming out of retirement to deliver care to a growing number of Coronavirus patients, and new graduates put to work on the front lines. No treatment or vaccine exists but the medical community is hard at work at innovation. There are fascinating things being done and as medical innovations come forward, it will teach us so much and might even change the curve.

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