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Ask An Expert: Four Common FAQs about Tableau Cloud

Tableau Cloud is the latest SaaS offering from Tableau. Here are the most commonly asked questions Data & Analytics Director Craig Dougherty gets asked about the product and the migration process.

Will I have to learn a new interface for viewing Tableau dashboards or creating new reports?

One of the major benefits of Tableau Cloud is that the look and feel is identical to what you are used to with Tableau Server. You will still develop and view dashboards in the same manner and will not need to re-train any developers or users beyond bookmarking a new URL.

Will I have to rebuild my Tableau workbooks or perform any additional stems to move them to Tableau Cloud?

All of your workbooks will automatically migrate to the cloud during the migration process. Only in very rare circumstances would an element of a workbook require manual intervention to be compatible with Tableau Cloud. In those cases, the migration team will provide instructions and assist with updates.

When Tableau objects are migrated to Tableau Cloud, will I immediately lose access to them in Tableau Server?

No, you will not lose access immediately after migrating to the cloud because the migration process makes copies of your data sources and workbooks in the cloud environment. The migration team will create a plan that allows you to continue using your existing Tableau Server objects to validate the success of the migration. Access to Tableau Server will only be turned off once the migration is successfully completed.

Will I lose any of the features I consider important if we move to Tableau Cloud?

woman-from-colombia-using-smartphone-online-communicationThe most likely answer is no, because the majority of Tableau Server features are available in Tableau Cloud or have an alternative feature or approach. The Avaap migration team will identify any instances where an alternative approach is needed, and they will make proper arrangements with you before the final migration.

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