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Three Reasons to Migrate to the Tableau Cloud

Modernizing systems and moving to the cloud is an increasing priority for organizations across industries. Gartner estimates that the majority of enterprises will use cloud platforms by 2028 to accelerate business objectives. Tableau Cloud is the latest SaaS offering from Tableau that allows organizations to scale their analytics programs without the restrictions of on-premises solutions, providing the ability to securely share data across departments and empower all users to make data-driven decisions.

With Tableau Cloud, organizations no longer have the responsibility and stress of system downtime, updates, maintenance, scale, and performance. Tableau Cloud is committed to a 99.9% or better uptime across the world, with all regions staff­ed 24/7. Another benefit of Tableau Cloud is that the look and feel is identical to what your users are used to with Tableau Server, meaning there is no need to re-train any developers or users beyond bookmarking a new URL.


Here are three reasons your organizations should consider migrating to Tableau Cloud.

  1. Scale Your Analytics Program: Tableau Cloud allows your organization to easily adapt to changing data volumes and user demands. With cloud infrastructure, your organization is not beholden to significant upfront investments in hardware or software upgrades. Ensure scalability without compromising performance or user experience.
  2. Empower Data Users: Since Tableau Cloud is the same interface and usability as Tableau Server, users can dive right into the system after migration for great accessibility and collaboration, securely accessing dashboards and reports from anywhere that has internet. This provides real-time collaboration opportunities and empowers your business to make data-driven decisions.
  3. Access to the Latest Features: In order to get access to the latest feature upgrades in an on-premises Tableau Server environment, you need to plan and test version upgrades. As with any software upgrades, there will be system downtime and a risk of potential failure. With Tableau Cloud, version upgrades are handled for you, so your team will always be on the latest version, and some features will come to Tableau Cloud first or even be Tableau Cloud exclusives.

Want to learn more about moving to the Tableau Cloud? Check out this webinar to learn about the migration process and benefits.