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    Electronic Health Record (EHR) (4)

    Bad Workflows are Horrible, but We Love Them So!

    One of the goals of software developers must surely be to require no training to use the software. That’s the dream! Just open the app and start using it. Maybe there will be a brief introduction via a short video or some graphics overlaying the screen, then off you go. This works for straight-forward software, too. Most apps on our phones don’t require training, and we all love the apps on our phones.

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    Informatics, nursing, and the workforce

    The annual nurses appreciation week is underway and we’re celebrating all nurses but with a special appreciation for nursing informatics and the critical role it plays in the post-EHR implementation era. While the last decade saw providers bringing their computerized physician order entry (CPOE) and electronic health record (EHR) systems live to meet mandates or incentives, the first wave of EHR implementation is now complete for the majority of large healthcare IDNs. Provider needs are now shifting from training and optimization to interoperability, data analytics, and demonstrating value. As a result, nurses with informatics training and expertise are in higher demand.

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    The Barista and the Hospital Unit Clerk: One in the Same?

    Last week, I was traveling from my hotel to my company’s main office when my colleagues and I decided a detour for coffee was absolutely necessary. We had a five-minute trip ahead of us, and one of us (not me!) had the brilliant idea to order the drinks and food on the Starbucks mobile app so that we could get in and out quickly. Naturally, we all started shouting our orders.

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