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Three Reasons to Start Using Power BI

Power BI is a comprehensive data and analytics tool that empowers users to transform their data into reporting that’s easy to understand, share, and deliver value back to the business. Power BI helps organizations better understand their data and make more informed decisions, without needing much knowledge or experience in the data, analytics, or coding. Here are three reasons to use Power BI as a business intelligence solution.

Your Organization Already Uses Microsoft Office

If your organization is already using Microsoft Office 365, the Power BI application and licenses are readily accessible to your organization. Microsoft products like Dynamics 365, SharePoint, and Azure integrate seamlessly with Power BI. It also makes it easy for Power BI to connect to existing data in other applications like Excel, which may not be available in a data warehouse.

Power BI is cost-friendly and has a free desktop version to try before you buy into their SaaS premium capabilities. For larger organizations, Power BI Pro and Power BI Premium offer scalability and flexibility to build out semantic data models and publish to the online service for collaboration across the organization.

professional-it-developer-working-homeJust like you can  share files easily and securely with Microsoft SharePoint, Power BI allows teams to collaborate on reports and dashboards, and allows for easy sharing internally and externally while controlling access and permissions as necessary. The security features are robust and provide data encryption to meet the compliance standards of your organization’s data governance requirements.

You Want Accessibility and Ease-of-Use for All

Power BI is known for its user-friendly and intuitive interface. Teams without a data scientist can easily and effectively use the tool to gather insights and build dashboards. The drag-and-drop capabilities and customizable visualization options allow for anyone to create insightful reports. Power BI also has real-time data analysis capabilities, including automatic data refreshing, meaning leaders can make decisions based on the most up-to-date information.

While being easy-to-use and intuitive, Power BI still provides powerful data transformation capabilities combined with advanced data modeling that can establish relationships, build hierarchies, and define custom calculations to capture an organization’s key metrics. In addition, Power BI is mobile-friendly and can be accessed from anywhere, helping leaders to be decision-ready whenever and wherever required.

Access to a Thriving Community Will Drive Your Success

business-teammates-working-lateThe Power BI community is a huge group of data enthusiasts, and it is active and growing. On the Microsoft community forum, Power BI developers can pose questions, stay up-to-date on the latest announcements, and find a wealth of resources to support their upskilling plan. The Power BI community is a mix of experts and peers passionate about the product and supporting one another.

Power BI is a great tool for any organization looking to increase their data and analytics capability without breaking the bank. The intuitiveness, easy-to-use interface, and advanced capabilities make it a great way to get analytic insights fast and helps leaders make data-informed decisions. It’s also great for users who are just beginning their data and analytics journey and can join an environment with a community of resources, experts, and peers eager to help.