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More Cloud Readiness Tips from the Cockpit: Small Business Edition

Businesses of all sizes need to be focused on digital transformation, but it is even more important for small to medium size businesses. Investing in digital transformation can accelerate the development of new products, create new lines of business, and personalize the customer experience. Staying competitive relies on being proactive in introducing new technologies and the ability to implement change.

More cloud readiness tips from the cockpit

Smaller organizations, known for being nimble, can more readily put the transformation mindset into action and accelerate results. Just like airports have introduced automated systems to take care of dozens of processes from baggage sorting to air traffic control, manufacturers can leverage automation to introduce standards, accelerate data exchange, reduce errors in manual work, and increase the efficiency of operations.

Now is the right time for small and midsize manufacturers to take advantage of emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and the Internet of Things (IoT) to reduce costs, increase productivity, and introduce new products to market faster.

Last month, I shared the preflight checklist needed to ensure smooth travel when migrating from legacy solutions to cloud ERP. The before-takeoff checklist ensures necessary steps are completed to ensure a safe journey. With controls in check, it is time to start preparing for the rest of the journey. While the advice is applicable for manufacturers of all sizes, it’s tailored for smaller manufacturers.

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