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You're Live on Workday...Now What?

Achieving a Workday go-live is a huge success for your organization. Workday enables you to introduce operational efficiencies and streamline manual processes, gaining insights into the core of your organization. After go-live, when your deployment partner is no longer around, your organization may still need support for your enterprise management cloud investment.

Updates and releases

Workday operates on the same cloud platform, regardless of organization size. This is appealing to many organizations because it puts everyone on the same playing field with software. Each year, Workday has two scheduled major updates, one in the spring, and another in the fall. With these updates can come major functionality improvements. These enhancements can include added integrations and updates to your Workday solution to improve functionality and experience. Workday publishes its release schedule and provides information on what to expect with the new release.

Optimizing your solution

Your organization has made an investment in Workday and optimizing it can enhance its overall value and improve employee experiences. Workday’s flexibility enables the ability to optimize functionality to achieve goals and improve visibility.

Enhancement projects

Once you’ve gotten a handle on the updates and optimizing your investment for your organization, your teams may be ready for enhancement projects to further utilize your Workday solution. Workday can meet your organization’s needs with its flexibility, and further streamline your processes for greater organizational success.

When it comes to optimizing Workday, one size does not fit all. By using available resources or leveraging a partner experienced in managed services for Workday, your organization can get the maximum benefit from its investment, preparing your team well into the future.