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Get Ahead of the September Workday Release

If you’ve been paying attention to updates from Workday, you may know that People Experience is coming in September’s Workday release. If you opted out of People Experience in the March 2022 major release, here are some things to consider as you prepare your organization adopt Workday Today before the September 10 deadline.

Leverage Workday Community resources

To help prepare your organization for the upcoming Workday Today change, Workday is offering a series of webinars beginning April 14, 2022. These webinars will cover critical changes you will see in the Workday Today update, and help your team prepare well in advance of the Workday release. Early opt-in will allow your team to understand the changes that are coming and develop a plan to help prepare your organization.

Develop a training plan

After the update, all end-users will see new changes to their Workday dashboard. By preparing your teams early in the process, they will understand how to navigate the change. Consider planning training sessions to empower your team and make sure they are set up for success with the enhanced functionality that Workday’s People Experience will bring.

Engage a partner

With an expert partner, your organization can focus on optimization and strategy, instead of technical support. All Workday customers receive the same update at the same time and being prepared is critical. Many organizations engage the AMS partner early to successfully navigate the release cycle and prepare for new features being released.

Thinking ahead for the fall release will help your organization achieve operational success and transition smoothly. Ensure you are set up to maximize adoption of People Experience and take full advantage of Workday’s enhancements.

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