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Finding your Pot of Gold: Tips for HCM Implementation Success

Having your HR technology strategy align with HR and business strategies might make other organizations green with envy, but achieving a seamless implementation requires more than just luck. Since St. Patrick’s Day shouldn’t be your only four-leaf clover day, we’re here to help you make your own luck and ensure your next project is a success.

Calling for Collaboration

Talent management solutions allow managers greater control and access of staff’s employment life cycle.  Implementation is not just a human resources and IT project, however. Managers need to be involved in design, testing, and training at early stages in the project to ensure buy-in and facilitate deployment. Make sure employees at all levels are aware of any changes taking place and understand why they are important to the success of the project. Communication should come early and frequently.

Manage Expectations

New technology can solve a lot of problems, but not all of them. With any implementation project, it is important to analyze and address any inefficient or ineffective business processes before applying the technology solution.

Talent Management allows organizations to streamline and centralize talent processes to address increasing global demands and changing business requirements. Without a good handle on what is currently working and what processes could use adjustment, trouble can arise down the line. Work with your implementation partner to draft specific, measurable, and attainable goals for your business.

Keep Spirits High

Talent Management solution implementation projects are hard and can get frustrating, so it is important to maximize opportunities to blow off some steam and make it exciting for all involved. For example, hold a contest to name the project, design a project team t-shirt, or plan treats and rewards when milestones are achieved. We encourage clients to hold celebrations recognizing small successes to keep team spirits high. In addition to infusing fun into the project, there are additional rewards that come from team bonding experiences.

When it comes to driving value from HCM technology, cost efficiently aligning work to the right people at the right time and being able to impact workforce decisions through predictive talent analytics is the pot of gold organizations want to find at the end of the rainbow. Just because St. Patrick’s Day is once a year, it doesn’t mean your luck can’t continue throughout the entire implementation process.

Kevin Kohel is a principal consultant in Avaap’s HCM practice. Kevin helps organizations smoothly and successfully implement talent management and HCM solutions to achieve the best people processes and power the business.