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Leveraging Tableau for Your Change Network: Part 2


Tableau is an interactive data visualization software. Its drag and drop functionality empowers users from all technical skill levels access to the ability to drive actionable insights traditionally buried within stale reports. Generating visual cues, Tableau quickly identifies critical narratives spread across averages to outliers. Tableau capabilities include drill-through features which allow users to easily shift granularity levels, hover over tool tips which detail notes that provide guidance around the information users are consuming, and forecasting compatibility built within the tool and the access to pull in other advanced programs such as R and Python code.


Tableau allows users to bring an array of data to an analysis. Hundreds of data sources can connect to Tableau including Dropbox, Google Sheets, PDF, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft OneDrive. Inputs can be static or undergo scheduled refreshes. Tableau can leverage qualitative information derived from surveys, reviews, and dialog forums alongside native, partnership, or custom developed models to translate subjective responses from stakeholders into qualitative, actionable data.

The intersection of Tableau and your Change Agent Network

Tableau creates a one stop shop for Change Agent Network answers. Through multiple dashboards, users can:

  • Overview essential change agent attributes
  • Vary data segments based on time (year, month, and individual employee views)
  • Click into details for individuals, time, and change agent attributes
  • Customize company change agent attribute weights for unique company needs
  • Filter information that matters the most (geography, tenure, department, etc.)
  • Incorporate appealing coloring, detailed tool tips, and reference lines

Benefits of Tableau

Tableau is easy to use, regardless of peoples’ technical prowess. Through Tableau, users can:

  • Have data driven insights to set real, striking change in motion
  • Quickly identify groupings of individuals through agile lenses to pinpoint the areas that matter most to your unique needs
  • Leverage advanced, research-tested modeling tools that reveal the past, explain the present, and predict the future trajectory
  • Engage a wide range of stakeholders through Tableau’s accessible, visually stimulating interface
  • Provide relevant information through refresh capabilities preventing action driven by outdated information
  • Keep priorities in sight with customizable options that protect business goals

Action Ignites, Data Delights

The power of Tableau includes the use case of Change Agent Networks but can scale beyond this example. Tableau is industry, time, data size, and problem agnostic. Hone in on subgroups within data such as change agents, to answering “what if” questions through forecasting which would otherwise paralyze momentum.

To learn more, watch our on-demand webinar Leveraging Tableau for Your Change Network. If you would like to discuss how your organization can leverage Tableau, reach out to our Tableau lead, Nehul Vyas (

Article by Stacy George, analyst, Business Intelligence & Analytics and Josh Kuhlman, senior analyst, Organizational Change Management. Both Stacy and Josh enjoy helping customers make informed decisions based on data while utilizing change management best practices.