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Three Reasons to Use Alteryx for Your Workday Data Conversion Process

When deploying Workday, one of the biggest churns of the entire project can be the data conversion process to migrate data from legacy systems into Workday. Organizations across industries have legacy data in a variety of unique sources and formats, and much of that data will need to be imported to Workday-specific templates that often require complex, non-traditional manipulation and formatting of the data in order to be loaded into Workday. A Workday data conversion that leverages Alteryx can reduce data conversion project timelines, improve data quality, mitigate manual errors, automate conversion workflows, improve efficiency and ultimately improve the experience of the data conversion workstream.

Alteryx is a market leading, self-service data management tool that can simplify and automate complex data transformations. It is a code-free (and code friendly) user interface that enables less technical users of data to build and automate complex data manipulation processes. Here are three reasons why you should use Alteryx for Workday data conversion.

Removes Inefficient and Error-Prone Manual Tasks

During a Workday deployment, it is often the time-consuming role of a few identified resources within the organization to extract all required legacy data and transform it into the Workday format and loaded into the Workday tenant. Due to the complexity and non-traditional format of the required Workday template, this can take several weeks and is error-prone because of the manual data manipulation when done in Excel because of the unique formatting requirements. The process is made longer when the team reviewing the data goes back and forth to work out all the errors caused by the complex and manual processes. Using Alteryx as a Workday data conversion accelerator, complex manual data cleansing labor is eliminated. Alteryx automates the work and consistently exports the data into the template - exactly how the Workday tenant needs it.

Improves Data Quality, Consistency, and Auditing

Data Conversion

Data quality issues during the data conversion process can cause deployments to run longer than scheduled, and cost time and money while increasing overall frustration. Using Alteryx as a Workday conversion accelerator, conversion workflows can be built to automatically incorporate data validation checks for data quality and consistency. This provides auditing capabilities that can automatically flag any common conversion errors so they can be identified immediately and solved without having to spend hours manually reviewing the data to identify issues. Through automation with Alteryx workflows, data is mapped, transformed, audited and output in the required format for each conversion template.

Empowers Your People with the Repeatable Process

Using Alteryx for Your Workday Data Conversion Process

Using Alteryx as a data conversion accelerator provides the ability to create a re-usable workflow for every component of the Workday data conversion process. Whether you are deploying Student, Financials, or HCM, the click of a button is all it takes to continuously convert and refresh your data into Workday’s format. The reusable data workflows can efficiently convert legacy data for all conversion cycles and can be configured to connect to and convert all specific legacy data from virtually any legacy system. The workflows can be re-run at any time to create consistent data refreshes throughout the data conversion cycles.

By using the data transformation powers of Alteryx, the data conversion process is a more timely, consistent, accurate and automatable process, that mitigates resource constraint challenges and dependencies, so you can start using and see the value of your Workday investment faster.

Avaap’s Data & Analytics practice uses Alteryx as a conversion accelerator for Workday deployments. From proven experience Avaap has packaged a Workday conversion accelerator that uses pre-built Alteryx workflows that can accelerate your conversion workstream and increase the likelihood of a successful, timely conversion for your Workday deployment.