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The Value of Partnership in Digital Transformation

For organizations that haven’t made the leap to the cloud, digital transformation is likely at the top of the business to-do list. More than two-thirds of CEOs from the world’s largest companies say they plan to undertake a major transformation initiative over the next 12 months. However, deploying a new ERP system can be a challenge without the right partners, inside and outside of the business.

Invest in internal partnerships

The core of any digital transformation project comes from within the organization. Individuals that form an organization and its processes are a key element to success for any ERP project yet many organizations task whoever is available to lead the project rather than looking at the skills and capabilities that are required for effective project management and program governance. Invest in resources that can drive the project forward and build the internal partnerships that can collaborate to create the optimal solution across organizational units. Building the right team and proactively investing in capabilities to perform at the highest level can contribute greatly to the overall project.

In addition to relying on the internal team leading the project, change management techniques of leveraging internal champions can also contribute to project success. A partner with skills and experience in planning and delivering successful change management strategies can improve overall outcomes and further develop internal partners throughout the digital transformation initiative.

Select the right deployment partner

Selecting the right deployment partner is another key component of success for any cloud-based ERP project. Finding a partner that shares similar values and culture with your organization and strives to understand how your business functions can make a difference and create a better experience throughout the deployment process. Aligning cultural values and bringing partners that understand the way your organization functions can be critical when the project faces roadblocks and can help keep the project on track toward success.

Learn from other organizations

When selecting cloud-based ERP, connect with similar organizations that have gone through transformation. Not only will your organization learn from best practices, but you will have a community from which to learn and drive ongoing optimization. By leveraging a network of other organizations that have gone through the same process and learning from pitfalls and best practices, your organization can be better equipped to handle new challenges throughout the deployment process.

Deploying a new software, especially one such as ERP that touches every aspect of an organization brings huge change. By leveraging partnerships internally and externally, your project can be on its way to go-live success. Read how Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona was able to leverage their partnerships to align business functions in its successful deployment of Workday or hear CIO Bill Serva speak on how deploying Workday was the most meaningful experience in his career as a technology leader.