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Achieving Digital Transformation Success in Higher Ed

For many institutions, it is time to undergo digital transformation. According to Educause, 38 percent of institutions are exploring digital transformation, and more have started a digital transformation project. Many digital transformation initiatives in higher ed are focused on the mission to improve student outcomes. Through transformation, institutions are able to adapt more quickly and enhance the employee and student experience.

Start with the end in mind

Before beginning your digital transformation journey, consider what transformation might look like for your institution. Is adapting to remote or hybrid operations something your institution is considering? Are you seeking better access to data for more informed decisions? Is reducing costs a priority? For students, is easy access to information a factor? Identify pain points and align them with business goals. When business goals are identified, selecting a system that best meets those needs becomes easier.

Identify stakeholders and build a change strategy

Once you’ve identified key goals, consider your project stakeholders and the resources needed to move forward. Include students, staff, and faculty in the decision-making process, and plan for scheduled checkpoints to get their feedback throughout the transformation project. Students are valuable resources for feedback and listening to them could improve operations and students’ experiences.

Sharing the deployment vision, objectives, scope, and timeline will help set expectations and build project champions. A deployment partner with services that align with your business goals can help plan the tactical details of the deployment and define the core functionality needed to successfully transition to the new platform.

Without change management, the project may be delivered perfectly from a technical perspective, but it may not address the needs of the people involved. Working closely with your technology and deployment partners to engage the workforce in a meaningful way from planning to training to increase self-sufficiency will ease the transition to a new system.

Going live is just the beginning

Relying on outdated systems can put your institution at risk. Digital transformation makes it possible to have a foundation for long-term success that can meets current objectives with ability to scale for the future.