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Contract Vehicles Save Time and Money: Here's How

The process of embarking on a digital transformation can be daunting, and choosing the right partner is an important task that can make or break a project. Using contract vehicles, public sector organizations can streamline the procurement process to find partners that are vetted, understand the needs of public sector organizations, and are ready to partner for success. Here are three ways contract vehicles save time and money.
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Reduced Pool of Vendors

Thousands of companies could probably help your organization on an initiative, but how do you find the best partners? Rather than starting from scratch every time a need arises, your public sector agency can leverage existing relationships and cut through the noise to find the right fit professional services firm. Many states have statewide contracts containing pre-approved vendors for various needs and services that can be accessed on both the state and local levels. Certain states will even leverage the contract vehicles from other states if their vendor criteria and requirements are similar enough. Additionally, there are other outside organizations such as NCPA (National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance) that seek to alleviate the burden of procurement and share the benefit of collaboration across participating members.

Reduced Time for Procurement


Not only is important to find the right vendor, but you also need to find vendors in a timely fashion that meets your project schedule. Without the right contract vehicle, your organization could be stuck in months of negotiations and redlining, wasting time and money. Slow bureaucracy is especially problematic for technology decisions. The speed at which technology moves and at which your constituents expect results is faster than ever, and you cannot afford to have progress slowed by the contracting process.

Reduced Distractions

Most public servants did not enter the public sector out of a desire to manage negotiations or becomehappy-successful-business-colleagues-meeting-outside an expert in contract dealings. Rather your goal is to help improve the lives of the citizens affected by your department. However, understanding and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with vendors through contracts is a key to your success. Contract vehicles help you make the best choice for partnerships, reduce the distraction of contracting, and keep the focus on the ultimate goal: ability to serve citizens, respond to crises, and build public trust.

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