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Is it time to rethink how your organization works?

Ask yourself these questions…

1.    Are you concerned about how to scale to enable your expected level of growth?
2.    Are internal silos getting in the way of collaboration and customer focus?
3.    Is your organization effectively designed to execute future strategies?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it may be time to rethink how your organization works.

Organizations are facing historic challenges. Today’s business landscape is littered by organizations that failed to rethink how they do business. Bed Bath and Beyond, Christmas Tree Shops, and Party City are some of the most recent companies to suffer this fate.

The pressure to reduce costs and compete in a highly competitive talent market, while demanding an already-exhausted workforce generate revenue, drive growth, and deliver innovative products and solutions means that survival will be shaped by a clear view of the new realities and a strong ability to adapt and evolve.


Avaap recently partnered with a Fortune 500 consumer goods company to plan and execute a significant business transformation. 

To ensure that all workstreams were aligned, our experienced organization effectiveness consultant led a team of global leaders to create and implement clear design principles which were used to guide business decisions and successfully launch new ways of working.

The results of the four-month engagement included a robust corporate strategy, business process alignment, and clearly defined roles/responsibilities to improve decision-making across the enterprise which produced multi-million-dollar cost savings.

From initial design to hyper care (and everything in between), Avaap’s certified consultants bring deep industry experience, helping engage and energize teams by identifying a better way for them to do their best work.

Our research-based approach is agile, iterative, and systemic so your organization is resilient and responsive to ever-changing market or industry conditions. We tailor solutions to your organization’s context and culture, addressing challenges and opportunities within your organization to make your organization more effective.

Reach out to learn how one of our OES specialists can help you rethink how your organization works. 


Organization Effectiveness Solutions (OES) is Avaap’s purposeful design, or (re)design approach to align your organizational structure with your strategies to help you realize your goals and benefits.

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Problem-Solving Resilience
Initiate and develop design principles to guide decision-making Solve organizational problems at the source to drive to key initiatives Build resilience despite complex and volatile environments
Agility Culture Understanding
Respond to market conditions with agility Co-create a culture that authentically tells your organization's story Enable entire organization to understand your customer