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Emerging from the Burrow: Recognizing the Need for Digital Transformation

As business technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, relying on outdated, under-supported legacy technology can feel like living the same day over and over again.

Much like the famous Punxsutawney Phil, who pokes his head out of the burrow every February 2, organizations need to emerge from their technological comfort areas and assess the state of their business. Maybe you are hibernating and holding onto your current system simply because it’s the comfortable thing to do or because that’s the way you’ve always done things.

What’s your Software Selection Forecast: Sunny or (In the) Cloud?

ERP systems touch nearly every department, serving as the heart and soul of the business. Transformation can be costly, but it is more expensive to stick with legacy systems that do not meet current business needs or are unable to adapt to the ever-changing nature of business.

While there is no one-size-fits-all ERP solution, moving to the cloud eliminates the need for costly customizations that require specialized skills to manage. System updates happen for all users at the same time, so the current system is always the most up-to-date. If you have reached the point where your current on-premises system is unable to keep up with your needs, it is time to explore and compare the new capabilities cloud systems include, and whether the ERP will be able to scale with your business.

Reflect on pain points and past successes as you determine criteria for your new system. Just as Phil Connors in Groundhog Day tested a new approach every day, test different software to find the best fit for your organization before going all in on purchasing a new product. In the movie, Phil becomes more adaptable as he tries different approaches to change his fate. Likewise, organizations should prioritize software that is flexible and adaptable to evolving business needs. The ability to scale and integrate with future technologies is crucial.

If Only Phil had Change Management Expertise

At first, Phil wasn’t thrilled about changing his ways. We get it. Transforming your technology can be overwhelming and scary, even if it is for the best. But once Phil acknowledged the need to transform and accept that change is necessary, he was able to emerge from the déjà vu time loop and move on with his life.

Look beyond the right technology fit and focus on your organization’s readiness for change. Although change readiness is a large factor in project success, historically, change management is the first line item to be cut. Organizations without change management as part of the software selection and implementation are more likely to struggle due to low engagement, not understanding why change is needed, or how it will improve the employee work experience. 

Helping people navigate change and new ways of working is critical for sustainable success. When change management is delivered at the right stages and time, it allows team members the proper time to absorb why change is happening and how it will impact them.

Staying Out of the Shadows

When beginning your cloud ERP selection journey, choosing the right selection partner can help your organization look past the shadows to find the right fit. In addition to choosing a partner with deep industry knowledge and proven experience with the market-leading ERP solutions, you will want to partner with an experienced selection team with a track record of success who will ensure you select the right solution, negotiate the best possible contract, have the right governance, and apply leading practices and risk mitigation.

Breaking free from the Groundhog Day cycle isn't just for the big screen – it's good for your business, too. Embrace change, set goals, and select software that is flexible for your business to get out of the time loop. Just like Phil Connors, you've got the power to transform your business destiny and make each day better than the last.

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