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Digital Transformations: Updating Legacy ERP to the Cloud

When the pandemic forced the country to stay home, government stakeholders immediately realized that their legacy systems had left them ill-equipped to keep up with the demand for constituent services and implement protocols to reduce risks to public health and safety.

Government organizations encountered new issues overnight as the pandemic developed. Organizations faced new processing bottlenecks, struggles to process payroll, revenue generation, order fulfillment, and management of finances and staff became more challenging in remote environments. For organizations that were not prepared for remote work, the shift also introduced new security threats, increased compliance risks, and slowed down decision-making processes. In some cases, these issues drove organizations to move staff back into offices, which increased the risks of COVID-19 among those staff members.

Prior to the pandemic, many government organizations had prioritized legacy system modernization, cyber security, and cloud solutions. These initiatives are more important than ever, specifically, when it comes to ERP, which is typically comprised of human resource, payroll, and financial management processes, policies, and related systems.

Frustrated by the lack of automation, inflexibility and increasing maintenance costs, more organizations are taking advantage of cloud ERP solutions such as Workday to drive business efficiencies. Moving to the cloud mobilizes the workforce, introduces resiliency and security, eliminates the need to manage and maintain expensive computer hardware, including costly upgrades, by providing regular, consistent updates, and real-time data and dashboard reporting, replacing static reports, for better and faster business decisions.

Workday is built to support today’s remote workforce and can be easily modified to address ongoing business needs. The pandemic has brought digital transformation to the forefront for government organizations. Those behind in transformation efforts need to accelerate plans to remain relevant and better serve their communities in the post-COVID world. Many organizations have already made the transition and realized benefits of digital transformation.

Has the pandemic left you frustrated with your legacy Human Resource, Payroll and Financial systems? If yes, it is time to say yes to Workday. Let’s have a conversation.