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    Higher Education in the Cloud: Three Reasons Your Institution Should Consider a New Student System

    Technology has changed a lot in the last 20 years with beepers and palm pilots giving way to mobility and modern analytics. However, many higher education institutions are operating on legacy systems that are more than 20 years old, and often cobbling together several systems to achieve functionality they need. With an eye on better visibility, many institutions are considering technology modernization, including shifting student systems to the cloud. As institutions consider the options for moving to the cloud, here are three reasons to do it now.

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    The Push for Modernization in Long-Term Care

    People are reaching retirement age at an exponential rate compared to ever before, with 10,000 baby boomers turning 65 every day through 2029. The expected number of Americans over the age of 65 who will need care by 2050 is greater than 15 million. An aging population presents major challenges for long-term care providers, many of which are running outdated software with manual processes to get work done. Every long-term care (LTC), home care, and assisted living organization should consider ERP modernization to keep pace with changing patient needs and streamline, simplify, and automate processes. We’ve taken a look at the top focus areas for building the business case for modernization in the long-term care industry.

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    Digital Transformation Success: Lessons Learned from Deployment

    As many organizations are shifting to the cloud, the selection, pre-implementation and deployment processes are critical to making digital transformation successful. A recent survey of 1,675 CTOs and enterprise architects found that more than half of surveyed organizations plan to transition existing ERP systems to the cloud. Results also found that many projects fail to meet expectations due to lack of buy-in from end users. How can you combat this and modernize your organization to see success in a digital transformation project?

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    What is your migration mindset?

    Not everyone has the same philosophy when it comes to digital transformation and ERP migrations. Some organizations prefer to stick to what they know while others prioritize staying ahead of the technology curve, taking advantage of new features as soon as they’re available.

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    Reimagining the Student Experience

    Education is changing radically. The COVID-19 pandemic caused a significant shift in the way students, faculty, and staff interacted, and exacerbated trends that were already gaining momentum. With the transition to remote work and distance learning, and rising expectations for streamlined processes, institutions have had to find new ways to engage students, and reach them where they are, in the moments that matter most.

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    The Pre-project Work when Redefining Your Organization

    The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted many institutions to advance their digital transformation plans. According to the latest CIO Outlook Report that surveyed CIOs on the most pressing issues, 77.3% of respondents rated digital transformation as the top priority for 2021. An important part of any deployment project, however, happens before implementation even begins. Getting stakeholders aligned on the project prior to kick off is key to a smooth deployment and successful go-live.

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    State CIOs: Focus on the Cloud and Using Data

    It often takes crisis to illuminate trends and challenges that are already shaping the market. The pandemic accelerated government innovation and is likely to have lasting effect, including the reimagining of how public services are accessed in a more equitable, efficient, and cost-effective manner. Many government services have moved online, such as the written portion of driving tests, court hearings, filing bills electronically in congress. While first done as emergency response, many digital processes and a hybrid work model have a good chance of sticking around. For example, United States Air Force Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Stephen W. “Seve” Wilson said one third of its workforce will continue working remotely.

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    Leveraging Change Management When Moving to the Cloud

    Start with the end in mind: Optimize your future state by leveraging the current state

    When beginning a digital transformation project, most organizations are focused on their future vision. While knowing your goal state for business processes and systems is important for a successful transformation, it is also important to leverage your current state. The Tambellini group explains that doing so can be energizing for teams by bringing together problem silvers and removing day-to-day issues that may arise. Here is how leveraging your current state will optimize your end goal and help you get there.

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