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Remote Implementations: Improving Operations Amid Pandemic Uncertainty

As countries experience second or third waves of the coronavirus pandemic, many including the United Kingdom, are going back into lockdown. While organisations are more prepared than the first time around, those on legacy technology are at a disadvantage, likely only scraping by with tedious and time-consuming workarounds to maintain continuity and minimize disruption. Although it might seem counter-intuitive, now is the perfect time to embark on transformation, invest in modern cloud technology, and bring innovation to your operations.

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Making the Business Case for Cloud ERP

The COVID-19 pandemic caused many organizations to shift to remote work and accelerate digital innovation. For some organizations, the transition was easy, but for others, it was a call to move business processes to the cloud. If the sudden shift to remote work isn’t enough motivation to consider the cloud, there are other reasons supporting the business case for cloud ERP.

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Considering the Cloud: The Ultimate Pro/Con List for ERP

For many organizations, now, more than ever, the move to a cloud-based ERP is front and center. Pandemic-based stay at home orders and the rise in remote work has prompted many organizations to reassess their current on-premise ERP systems and consider a cloud-based solution. These decisions require thoughtful discussion to ensure that the system selected is the right one for the organization and industry. Here is a list of some of the top considerations when thinking about the move toward cloud-based ERP.

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More Cloud Readiness Tips from the Cockpit: Small Business Edition

Businesses of all sizes need to be focused on digital transformation, but it is even more important for small to medium size businesses. Investing in digital transformation can accelerate the development of new products, create new lines of business, and personalize the customer experience. Staying competitive relies on being proactive in introducing new technologies and the ability to implement change.

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Your One Stop Checklist for Moving to the Cloud

For healthcare organizations that are seeking to improve productivity, increase efficiency, and reduce costs while improving care quality, a cloud-based ERP system is the perfect move to kick off your digital transformation strategy. Organizations that haven’t made the move to cloud yet are likely to be running a newly implemented EHR that is only partially, if at all, connected with your legacy ERP.

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Is it Time to Ditch Your Legacy Technology?

Historically, community, critical access, and rural hospitals didn’t have many options when it came to their enterprise systems. Tight margins and limited technical support have held smaller hospitals back from being able to invest in enterprise-scale ERP systems. Often, disconnected systems and paper-based processes were often put in place for materials management, financials, human resources, etc.

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