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    Lurking Legacy ERP: Banish the Ghost of ERPs Past

    While the threat of ERP implementation failure sounds scary (and practically expected), a recent Mint Jutras study found that 67 percent of manufacturers and distributors rated their implementations as successful or very successful. With proper planning and buy-in, a successful ERP implementation can save your organization money and improve back-end processes. Here are the morbid missteps to avoid and keep your ERP project out of the implementation graveyard.

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    4 Surprisingly Simple Steps to ERP Project Employee Buy-In

    A lot of ERP implementation projects fail. And a failure to get ERP employee buy-in is one of the primary reasons. On average, 37% of employees use a company’s ERP system according to a Software Path report; that’s a big percentage of your workforce that needs to be invested in using the system to its full capability. Let’s look at a few ways to improve the odds that employees will buy-in or even push to get that new ERP.

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    Is it Time to Ditch Your Legacy Technology?

    Historically, community, critical access, and rural hospitals didn’t have many options when it came to their enterprise systems. Tight margins and limited technical support have held smaller hospitals back from being able to invest in enterprise-scale ERP systems. Often, disconnected systems and paper-based processes were often put in place for materials management, financials, human resources, etc.

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    Assembling the Right Team for Your ERP Implementation

    Anyone who has been part of an ERP implementation knows the importance of having the right people on the project team. While emphasis is typically put on the technology itself, in the end, it is the people of the organization who are using the system. They are the ones who need to know the ins and outs of the software. Dedicating the right resources who know the business, the vision for the future and how the system will be used can drive a more seamless implementation.

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