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    Know Thy Data: Setting the Stage for Data Analytics

    You can’t tell a data story until you know thy data. According to Socrates, true wisdom is knowing what you do not know. Data on its own is meaningless until you form relationships and correlate it to increase understanding. Every organization knows that information and data are abundant. But amidst an abundance of data, what do we do with it? The key lies not just in the data itself, but what we do to inform and communicate the data story. 

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    Jumpstarting Organizational Transformation and Effectiveness: The Importance of an Initial Assessment

    As organizations prepare to transform their operations and elevate to the next level to meet business goals, it’s important for leaders to determine current state and future goals for where they want to be going forward. To establish a starting point, leaders need an accurate measurement of what their current state is and where to start their approach to transformation.

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    Understanding Your Change Maturity

    Change has always been hard. But now, change has become a constant. Market disruptions, shifting consumer preferences, and technological advancements are pushing companies to evolve and adapt faster than ever before. This means the ability to lead your employees through change is paramount to success.

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    Three Reasons to Migrate to the Tableau Cloud

    Modernizing systems and moving to the cloud is an increasing priority for organizations across industries. Gartner estimates that the majority of enterprises will use cloud platforms by 2028 to accelerate business objectives. Tableau Cloud is the latest SaaS offering from Tableau that allows organizations to scale their analytics programs without the restrictions of on-premises solutions, providing the ability to securely share data across departments and empower all users to make data-driven decisions.

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    PM-ing Your Life: Negotiation and Conflict Management with a Project Manager Mindset

    In this final blog of our three-part series about project managing your life, we will look at negotiation and how that correlates to project management fundamentals. This blog series has taken different aspects of everyday life, like hosting Christmas dinner and planning your child’s playdates, to show how project management fundamentals can make a difference in minimizing the stress. Below, we have outlined the types of negotiation and how to apply them with different people in your life. 

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