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View from Campus: Easing the Complexities of The FAFSA Simplification Act

Congress passed the FAFSA® Simplification Act in December 2020 to streamline the FAFSA application process for students and families seeking financial aid. For colleges and universities, the FAFSA Simplification Act aims to simplify the financial aid application process and reduce the administrative burden on staff. However, the changes in how aid gets determined presents several challenges from a systems perspective.

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Three Reasons to Start Using Power BI

Power BI is a comprehensive data and analytics tool that empowers users to transform their data into reporting that’s easy to understand, share, and deliver value back to the business. Power BI helps organizations better understand their data and make more informed decisions, without needing much knowledge or experience in the data, analytics, or coding. Here are three reasons to use Power BI as a business intelligence solution.

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Create Project Magic in your Organization with this Important Partnership

Hey project managers, this one’s for you!

Your project is two weeks from go-live. Everything is in the green – on time, on budget, and on scope, yet there are more and more rumblings that the organization isn’t ready. People don’t understand why and what is happening. Only five percent attended the training. The sponsors are getting pushback from other executives. There is talk of putting the go-live on hold. What now?

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Harnessing Multifaceted Expertise for Workday Deployment Success

It’s no wonder ERP growth is exploding. Nearly every business in every industry is using ERP and more than half are shifting to the cloud. Enterprise Resource Planning systems have become indispensable for organizations seeking to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and drive growth. However, implementing ERP solutions can be complex and challenging, especially when considering the unique needs and nuances of different industries.

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