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A Little Luck for A Lot of Change Management

On this St. Patrick’s Day, we reflect on the luck of the Irish!  Roman philosopher Seneca said, “luck happens when preparation meets opportunity,” and this could not be more accurate for organizational change management. The more you plan, manage, and align the more likely you are to realize your business goals in the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

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4 OCM Tactics to Avoid Project Heart Break

Large organizational changes, like an ERP implementation or upgrade, affect many people and processes. When not handled correctly, these changes can lower productivity and morale. The Avaap Organizational Change Management (OCM) team offers some words of wisdom on how to avoid project heartbreak when initiating organizational change in this special Valentine’s Day treat.

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The value of organizational change management (OCM) in ERP

ERP projects represent significant change for organizations. They are high risk, high-value initiatives, and often are scrutinized heavily. How well organizations prepare for the change and how it will impact the people, is a significant predictor of success. While ERP projects are often heavily supported by IT, ERP projects should be viewed as business investments and led by the functional workstreams.

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ERP implementation: how to put together a change management plan

Change in business is as inevitable as change in any aspect of life and in order to progress and improve, agility and adaptability are key. As with all change management challenges, solid planning with clear objectives forms the bedrock, but getting buy-in, promoting the adoption of a new system and giving ongoing support and guidance to users is instrumental in making sure that any new process or tool delivers an ROI and remains sustainable.

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Application Change Management: Achieving More Value in Less Time

The manufacturing industry is known for being laggards when it comes to technology adoption, but as 2018 kicks off, many manufacturing leaders have digital transformation on the brain. Using new technologies and embracing new ways of operating is needed for business growth, but many organizations are held back by outdated business models and technology. Frustrated by legacy technology, manual processes, and inability to get visibility across the supply chain and plant operations, more organizations are evaluating the maturity of their ERP and preparing for change.

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